KT Image, formerly known as "Color Center Photo Lab", has always catered to the needs of photo professionals, event photographers, producers, agents, actors, and interested amatuers. This diverse customer base has kept our technicians and conventional photographic processing equipment busy for over 30 years. Now the digital age has painted a new landscape of processing methods and we have changed our canvas with the times. We've added a full compliment of digital equipment to address those same diverse needs of our customer base in today's terms.

Fuji Frontier

For color or black & white, we'll work our cutting edge digital imaging magic to present you the way you want to be seen. Our digital photo processing services include photo enlargement and digital photo retouching. We also have conventional film processing and more. The result of our photo processing wizardry will be flawless, incredibly sharp prints showing the quality of workmanship that professional expect - and get.

This is where entertainment professionals come for the quality that only professional photo labs can provide. Once you give us your headshot or business card layout, you'll never settle for anything else. Expect crystal clarity on you color or black and white photos, unbelievable digital photo retouching, and photo prints that show you at your best.